Paying Your SSS Educational Loan: Options for Convenient Repayment

If you received financial assistance from the Philippines’ Social Security System (SSS) for your education, you have several convenient options for repaying your loan. Here’s a breakdown of where and how to pay:

Options for Paying Your SSS Educational Loan

  • SSS Branches: Visit any SSS branch with teller facilities. Bring your SSS ID, a valid ID, and a completed SSS Form ML-1 (Member Loan Payment Return).
  • SSS-Accredited Banks: Check the SSS website for a list of accredited banks where you can pay directly.
  • Salary Deduction: If your employer is willing, arrange for automatic salary deductions to streamline your payments.
  • Online Payment (Soon): SSS is working on implementing online payment options. Stay updated on the SSS website for announcements.

Important Reminders

  • Pay your SSS educational loan on time to avoid penalties and maintain good credit standing.
  • Contact SSS directly if you have any questions about your loan balance or payment options.

Let SSS Support Your Financial Journey

SSS educational loans help Filipinos achieve their educational goals. By understanding your repayment options and staying on track with your payments, you demonstrate financial responsibility and commitment.