What is the minimum monthly salary credit for OFW?

Clarifying the Minimum Monthly Salary Credit (MSC) for OFWs: Securing Your SSS Benefits

The Social Security System (SSS) plays a crucial role in Filipino workers’ lives, especially those working abroad (OFWs). It offers not only retirement benefits but also social security protection. However, there can be confusion regarding the minimum monthly salary credit (MSC) for OFWs when it comes to SSS contributions.

What is the Minimum Monthly Salary Credit (MSC)?

The MSC is the basis for SSS contribution calculations. It represents your reported monthly earnings on which SSS contributions are made. A higher MSC translates to a higher contribution amount and potentially larger future benefits.

So, What’s the Minimum MSC for OFWs?

There’s a common misconception that OFWs have a minimum MSC requirement. As of October 26, 2023, there’s no specific minimum MSC mandated by SSS for OFW contributions.

Understanding the Change:

Previously, Republic Act No. 11199, also known as the Social Security Act of 2018, established a minimum MSC of ₱8,000 for OFWs. However, recent SSS pronouncements clarify that OFWs can now declare their actual monthly earnings as their MSC for contribution purposes.

Benefits of Declaring Your Actual MSC:

  • Flexibility: You have the freedom to contribute based on your actual income. This allows for adjustments based on salary changes or job transitions.
  • Optimizing Contributions: Contributing according to your actual salary allows you to potentially maximize your SSS benefits upon retirement.
  • Avoiding Overpayment: If your actual salary falls below the previous minimum of ₱8,000, declaring your true earnings prevents unnecessary overpayment of SSS contributions.

What to Remember:

  • While there’s no minimum MSC requirement, consistent contributions are crucial to qualify for SSS benefits.
  • SSS offers voluntary contribution options to further boost your retirement benefits.
  • Explore the SSS Flexi-Fund Program, a voluntary program designed specifically for OFWs to enhance their retirement savings.

Staying Informed:

For the latest information and official announcements, always refer to the SSS website ( or contact your nearest SSS branch.

Planning for Your SSS Future:

While there’s no minimum MSC requirement for OFWs, remember that SSS contributions are an investment in your future security. Consider these factors when deciding your MSC:

  • Desired Retirement Benefits: Higher contributions lead to potentially larger retirement pensions.
  • Financial Capacity: Ensure your chosen MSC aligns with your current income and financial situation.

By understanding the current MSC policy for OFWs and making informed decisions about your contributions, you can ensure you maximize the benefits SSS offers for a secure and comfortable retirement upon your return to the Philippines.