Stay Connected: How to Loan Load in Smart the Easy Way

Running out of mobile load can be frustrating, especially when in dire need. Fortunately, for Smart subscribers, there’s an option to borrow or “loan” a load to stay connected. Here’s how to do it.

1. Determine Eligibility

Smart’s emergency load service is available to regular prepaid subscribers. To be eligible:

  • Your Smart SIM must be active for at least 30 days.
  • You haven’t outstanding unpaid borrowed loads.

2. Choose the Amount to Borrow

Smart offers various emergency load amounts. Depending on your need, you can borrow PHP 5, PHP 10, or even more. Each amount has a specific code associated with it.

3. Use the USSD Code

For a quick loan:

  • Dial *121# on your phone.
  • Navigate through the menu to find “Utang” or “Borrow Load” option.
  • Select the desired load amount.
  • Confirm your transaction.

4. Receive Load and Notification

Once you’ve completed the borrowing process, you’ll instantly receive the load. Smart will also send an SMS notification detailing the borrowed amount and its corresponding service fee.

5. Repaying the Borrowed Load

The amount you borrowed, along with a minimal service fee, will be automatically deducted the next time you load your phone. It’s essential to top up promptly to remain eligible for future load borrowing.

6. Efficient Use of Borrowed Load

Now that you have the borrowed load:

  • Consider subscribing to Smart’s affordable promos. This way, you can maximize the borrowed load’s value and make it last longer.
  • Be mindful of your usage. Borrowed load is best used for emergencies.

7. What if You Can’t Repay Immediately?

If you can’t top up your account right away, don’t panic. Smart allows a grace period for repayments. However, ensure you reload as soon as possible to avoid disruptions in borrowing privileges in the future.

8. Alternative Ways to Borrow Load

There are multiple channels through which Smart offers its load borrowing services:

  • Smart Mobile App: Available on major app stores, this application provides an intuitive interface where you can easily navigate to the borrow load section.
  • SMS method: Besides the USSD method, you can directly send an SMS to a dedicated Smart number with a specific format to borrow load.
  • Online portal: Smart’s official website occasionally features promos or services that allow users to request emergency loads.

9. Borrowing Load Vs. Regular Top-Up: The Pros and Cons

It’s essential to understand the advantages and disadvantages of borrowing load:

  • Advantages: Immediate relief during emergencies, no immediate cash outlay, and accessible to all eligible Smart prepaid users.
  • Disadvantages: Service fees are usually higher than the regular top-up, and there’s an obligation to repay, which could affect future borrowings.

10. Tips for Managing Your Load Budget

To avoid frequently borrowing load and incurring extra charges:

  • Set Reminders: Set up monthly reminders on your phone for when you typically run out of load.
  • Use Data Wisely: Always turn off your mobile data when not in use.
  • Subscribe to Promos: Opting for promos can give more value for your money than a regular load.

Tips When Borrowing Load from Smart

  • Always remember the service fee. When you repay, the total amount will be slightly more than what you borrowed due to this fee.
  • Borrow only when necessary. It’s a convenient service but also means you’ll be paying more than the load’s face value due to the fee.
  • If possible, set a reminder to reload your account so you can repay the borrowed amount promptly.

Alternative Options for Emergency Connectivity

While borrowing load is handy, you might also consider other alternatives like subscribing to affordable promos, using Wi-Fi services, or even transferring load from friends using Pasaload.