Salary of an Accountant in the Philippines

Accounting is a profession that plays a pivotal role in the financial health of businesses. In the Philippines, the demand for skilled accountants continues to rise. But a common query emerges: how much is the salary of an accountant in the Philippines? This comprehensive analysis sheds light on the latest 2023 figures.

2023 Overview: Accountant Salary in the Philippines

The average base salary for an accountant in the Philippines in 2023 is ₱28,254 per month. However, this figure can vary widely depending on factors like experience, specialization (such as CPA), and the company of employment.

Top Companies for Accountants: Who Pays the Most?

Several companies stand out for their competitive accountant remuneration packages:

  1. Support Shepherd: With a commendable 4.6 rating from 61 reviews, accountants can expect an impressive monthly salary of approximately ₱66,064.
  2. Nezda Technologies: This company, with a 3.5 rating from 32 reviews, offers its accountants an average monthly wage of around ₱64,420.
  3. Boomering Inc: With a 4.1 rating based on 12 reviews, the company provides a compensation of about ₱57,690 per month for its accountants.
  4. Outsource Accelerator: At a 3.8 rating from 8 reviews, this firm offers its accountants ₱56,365 per month.
  5. Hammerjack: With a decent 4.0 rating from 9 reviews, the monthly salary stands at ₱50,357.

Factors Influencing an Accountant’s Salary in the Philippines

  • Certifications: A CPA (Certified Public Accountant) often has a higher salary than a general accountant due to the added expertise and credibility the certification brings.
  • Experience: As with many professions, seasoned accountants often command higher salaries than their junior counterparts.
  • Company Size and Reputation: Larger, established firms or those with a high reputation in the industry might offer better remuneration packages compared to smaller enterprises.


Understanding accountant salary Philippines trends is vital for both aspiring accountants and businesses aiming to stay competitive in the hiring landscape. With companies like Support Shepherd and Nezda Technologies leading the pay scale, the accounting profession in the Philippines promises lucrative opportunities. As the business landscape evolves, so will the demand and compensation structures for accountants in the region.