How much pension will I get from SSS after 10 years?

While working abroad opens doors to financial opportunities, planning for a secure future back home in the Philippines is essential. The SSS pension serves as a crucial safety net for Filipino workers abroad (OFWs) after their years of service. But how much can you expect to receive after 10 years of contribution?

Factors Affecting SSS Pension

Unfortunately, calculating your exact SSS pension after 10 years isn’t straightforward. The amount depends on several factors:

  • Monthly Salary Credit (MSC): This refers to your average monthly salary earnings on which SSS contributions are based. The higher your MSC, the bigger your potential pension.
  • Total Contribution Amount: The total amount you contribute to SSS throughout your membership directly influences your pension.
  • Prevailing Benefit Formula at Retirement: The SSS pension formula can be subject to change based on economic factors and government regulations.

SSS Pension Estimation for 10 Years (For Illustrative Purposes Only)

Due to the complexities mentioned above, providing a definitive figure isn’t possible. However, we can offer a simplified estimation to give you a general idea:


  • Monthly Salary Credit (Year 1): ₱20,000
  • Credited Salary Increase Rate: 2% per year (This is an assumption, and actual salary increases may vary)
  • Number of Months of Contribution (10 years): 10 years x 12 months = 120 months
  • Average Credited Months per Year: 12 months (Assuming all months are credited)

Here’s a simplified formula (replace 1.2 with the actual SSS benefit formula coefficient at the time of retirement):

Estimated monthly pension = (Total contributions x 1.2) / (Total months of contribution x 12)

Calculating the Estimated Total Contribution:

  1. Estimate average monthly salary credit after 10 years: ₱20,000 x (1 + 2%)^120 months ≈ ₱33,292.11
  2. Estimate total contributions: ₱33,292.11/month x 12 months/year x 10 years ≈ ₱3,995,053.20

Important Note: This is a very simplified example and does not consider actual SSS contribution rates or future benefit formula adjustments.


This calculation serves as a rough illustration and shouldn’t be considered a guaranteed future SSS pension amount.

Getting a More Accurate Estimate:

For a more precise idea of your potential SSS pension, you can explore the following options:

Planning for Your Future

While the exact 10-year SSS pension figure may be elusive, this shouldn’t deter you from planning for your future. Here are some takeaways:

  • Start Contributing Early: The earlier you begin contributing to SSS, the more time your contributions have to accumulate and grow.
  • Maximize Contributions: Consider voluntary contributions to increase your potential pension amount.
  • Stay Informed: Keep yourself updated on SSS regulations and contribution guidelines to make informed decisions.

By understanding the factors affecting your SSS pension and utilizing the available resources for estimation, you can approach your future with more financial security and confidence. Remember, consistent SSS contributions throughout your working years are key to unlocking a comfortable retirement upon your return to the Philippines.