How much is SSS contribution

SSS Contribution Rates for 2024: Stability for Filipino Workers

The Social Security System (SSS) is a cornerstone of social security for Filipino workers, providing retirement benefits, disability benefits, and sickness benefits. As you plan your finances for 2024, understanding SSS contribution rates is crucial. Here’s what you need to know:

Stability in 2024:

There’s good news!** For 2024, SSS contribution rates remain unchanged from 2023.** This means both employers and employees will continue to contribute the following:

  • Total Contribution Rate: 14% of the Monthly Salary Credit (MSC)
  • Employee Share: 4.5% of the MSC
  • Employer Share: 9.5% of the MSC

Understanding the Monthly Salary Credit (MSC):

The MSC is your reported monthly salary that serves as the basis for SSS contribution calculations. A higher MSC translates to a higher contribution amount and potentially larger future benefits.

Breakdown of Employer and Employee Contributions:

  • Employers contribute 9.5% of your MSC towards your SSS benefits.
  • As an employee, you contribute 4.5% of your MSC.

Who is Required to Contribute?

SSS coverage is mandatory for most Filipino workers, including:

  • Employed workers in the private sector
  • Government employees
  • Self-employed individuals

Benefits of SSS Contributions:

Consistent SSS contributions unlock a variety of benefits upon retirement, disability, or sickness, including:

  • Retirement Pensions: A monthly income to replace your earnings after retirement.
  • Sickness Benefits: Financial assistance in case of illness or injury.
  • Disability Benefits: Support if you become permanently disabled and unable to work.

Planning for Your Future:

While the contribution rate remains stable for 2024, remember that SSS contributions are an investment in your long-term security. Here are some additional tips:

  • Start Contributing Early: The earlier you begin contributing, the more time your contributions have to accumulate and grow.
  • Explore Voluntary SSS Contributions: Consider contributing more than the mandatory rate to potentially maximize your retirement benefits.
  • Stay Informed: Keep yourself updated on SSS regulations and contribution guidelines to make informed decisions by visiting the SSS website ( or contacting your nearest SSS branch.

By understanding SSS contribution rates and how they work, you can proactively plan for a secure future. Remember, consistent contributions throughout your working years are key to unlocking the valuable benefits offered by SSS.