How do I calculate my SSS monthly salary credit?

Demystifying the SSS Monthly Salary Credit (MSC): You're in Control!

The Social Security System (SSS) plays a vital role in Filipino workers’ lives, securing their future with retirement benefits and social security protection. Understanding the Monthly Salary Credit (MSC) is crucial for calculating your SSS contributions. But here’s the good news: you actually determine your MSC!

What is the Monthly Salary Credit (MSC)?

The MSC is the foundation for your SSS contributions. It represents your reported monthly earnings used to calculate how much you and your employer (if applicable) contribute to SSS. A higher MSC translates to a higher contribution amount and potentially larger future benefits.

There’s No Minimum MSC Requirement!

As of October 26, 2023, there’s no longer a minimum mandated MSC for SSS contributions. This applies to all workers, including those abroad (OFWs). This means you have the flexibility to declare your actual monthly earnings as your MSC.

Benefits of Declaring Your Actual MSC:

  • Tailored Contributions: Contribute based on your real income, offering greater control over your financial planning.
  • Optimizing Benefits: Contributing according to your actual salary allows you to potentially maximize your SSS benefits upon retirement.
  • Avoiding Overpayment: If your salary falls below a hypothetical minimum, you avoid unnecessary overpayment of contributions.

How to Calculate Your SSS Monthly Salary Credit:

There’s no complex formula involved! Here’s the simple process:

  1. Gather your income information: Determine your regular monthly earnings (salary, wages, commissions, etc.).
  2. Consider bonuses and allowances: If you receive regular bonuses or allowances, factor them into your average monthly earnings (if applicable based on your SSS membership type).
  3. Declare your MSC: This is the number you will report to SSS as your monthly earnings for contribution purposes.


  • You are responsible for accurately reporting your MSC.
  • While there’s no minimum, consistent contributions are key to qualifying for SSS benefits.
  • Explore voluntary SSS contributions to further boost your retirement benefits.

Additional Tips:

  • Maintain clear records of your monthly earnings to simplify future MSC calculations.
  • Consult the SSS website ( or your nearest SSS branch for any clarifications or changes in SSS guidelines.

Taking Charge of Your Future:

By understanding the MSC system and its flexibility, you can make informed decisions about your SSS contributions. Remember, consistent contributions throughout your working years are key to unlocking the valuable benefits offered by SSS for a secure and prosperous retirement.