How can I pay my SSS from abroad?

Being an OFW means juggling work and finances across borders. But ensuring your SSS contributions are up-to-date doesn’t have to be a hassle. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to pay your SSS from abroad:

Available Payment Channels:

Fortunately, SSS offers several convenient options for OFWs to make their contributions, even when they’re miles away:

  • PNB Overseas Bills Payment: The Philippine National Bank (PNB) allows SSS contribution payments through their overseas branches, offices, agents, or tie-ups. This option provides real-time posting of your contributions with a Payment Reference Number (PRN) for easy tracking.
  • Accredited Collecting Partners: SSS has partnered with various banks and remittance centers worldwide. You can visit the SSS website ( for a complete list of accredited partners in your specific location. These partners typically offer over-the-counter SSS contribution payments for your convenience.
  • Online Payment Platforms: Several online platforms like Taxumo ( allow SSS contribution payments for OFWs. These platforms often require registration and may involve minimal transaction fees. However, they offer the ease of paying from anywhere with an internet connection.

Things to Remember:

  • Gather Necessary Information: Before making a payment, ensure you have your SSS number, preferred contribution amount, and the period you’re paying for (month/s or quarter/s).
  • Payment Reference Number (PRN): Always request a PRN after every contribution. This serves as your proof of payment and helps track your SSS contributions.
  • Deadlines: While remittance options offer flexibility, remember SSS contribution deadlines apply. Aim to pay before the deadline to avoid penalties and maintain your SSS good standing.

Additional Tips:

  • Schedule Regular Payments: Consider setting up a regular payment schedule to ensure your contributions are consistent and avoid late fees.
  • Maximize Benefits: Explore voluntary SSS contributions if you wish to increase your retirement benefits.
  • SSS Mobile App: Download the SSS mobile app for easy access to contribution payment options, account information, and other SSS services.

By utilizing these convenient payment channels and following these tips, you can ensure your SSS contributions are made seamlessly, even while you’re abroad. Remember, consistent contributions are key to unlocking the valuable benefits SSS offers upon your return to the Philippines.