How Much Do BJMP Officers Earn in the Philippines?

The Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP) is responsible for the custody, safety, and security of detainees in jails across the Philippines. BJMP officers are trained professionals who perform a vital role in keeping our communities safe. But how much do these officers earn? Let’s take a look.

As of 2019, the starting salary for a BJMP officer was ₱20,754 per month. After two years of service, officers are eligible for a salary increase to ₱22,316 per month. With each subsequent year of service, salaries continue to increase incrementally, maxing out at ₱29,668 per month after 10 years. In addition to their base salary, BJMP officers also receive allowances and other benefits, such as health insurance and retirement benefits.

BJMP officers play a vital role in keeping our communities safe. They are trained professionals who deserve our respect—and a fair wage. Thankfully, the Philippine government recognizes this fact and provides BJMP officers with competitive salaries and benefits. So if you ever find yourself in need of assistance from a BJMP officer, know that you’re being helped by someone who is fairly compensated for their time and effort.