Best Philippine Credit Cards for Use Abroad: Your Comprehensive Guide

Traveling internationally often involves significant financial planning. Therefore, selecting a credit card that offers benefits tailored to overseas use is a crucial decision. In this article, we’ll explore the best Philippine credit cards to use abroad, considering features such as foreign transaction fees, travel rewards, and global acceptance.

Top Philippine Credit Cards for International Use

There are several credit cards from the Philippines with features and rewards that make them particularly beneficial for international use. Let’s delve into the key offerings of these top-rated cards.

1. BDO Diners Club International

The BDO Diners Club International card offers one of the lowest foreign transaction fees in the market. With global acceptance and access to over 600 airport lounges worldwide, this card is an ideal choice for frequent travelers.

2. HSBC Platinum Visa

The HSBC Platinum Visa card offers a multitude of travel rewards and benefits, such as air miles on every purchase and travel insurance. Plus, it’s globally accepted, adding to its international appeal.

3. Metrobank Travel Platinum Visa

Metrobank’s Travel Platinum Visa card provides generous travel rewards, like free access to VIP airport lounges and air miles for every PHP20 spent.

4. Citibank PremierMiles Visa

Citibank’s PremierMiles Visa card offers an impressive rewards program, including travel insurance and air miles that never expire4. It’s also globally accepted, making it a reliable card for overseas travel.

Frequently Asked Questions about Philippine Credit Cards for Use Abroad

Q1: How do I avoid foreign transaction fees?

A: Consider applying for a card that has low or no foreign transaction fees.

Q2: Can I earn rewards or air miles for overseas purchases?

A: Yes, many credit cards offer air miles or rewards for every purchase made, including international transactions.

Q3: Do Philippine credit cards provide travel insurance?

A: Some cards, like the HSBC Platinum Visa and Citibank Premier Miles Visa, do provide travel insurance as part of their benefits package.

As you venture into the world, the right credit card can ensure your travels are not only enjoyable but also financially rewarding. With the information provided in this article, you’re well equipped to make a sound choice that best suits your international needs.

Please note that the details mentioned above are subject to change, so always refer to the official cardholder agreement and terms of service from the card issuer.


  1. BDO Diners Club International
  2. HSBC Platinum Visa
  3. Metrobank Travel Platinum Visa
  4. Citibank PremierMiles Visa