How to Qualify for an AFP Salary Loan in the Philippines

According to the Association of Federal Savings and Loan Associations (AFPSLAI), any regular active member of the AFP with at least 3 months of continuous service is qualified to apply for a salary loan. The amount loaned will be deducted from the member’s future salaries. The interest rate is 10% per annum, payable in equal monthly installments within 24 months. Here are the other requirements that you need to submit in order to qualify for an AFP salary loan.

Proof of Active Service – You will need to submit a copy of your tour of duty or deployment order. If you are retired, you may submit a certified true copy of your retirement order or certificate of release from active military duty/service.
Several 1×1 or 2×2 photographs – Make sure that these photographs were taken within the last 6 months and that you are wearing complete and proper military uniform.
Valid IDs – You will need to submit at least 2 valid IDs, one of which should have your picture and signature (e.g., driver’s license, passport, company ID, etc.).
Proof of Income – Submit any two (2) of the following documents: Certificate of Compensation and Benefits, Leave Form 71 (LF71), latest Income Tax Return (ITR), Letter from Employer indicating current salary/compensation.

Duly accomplished AFPSLAI Loan Application Form – This can be downloaded from AFPSLAI’s website.
Post-dated checks – There should be 24 post-dated checks, each one corresponding to your monthly amortization payment.

Certificate of No Cash Advance – You will need to submit this certificate in order to prove that you do not have any existing cash advance from your previous loans with AFPSLAI or any other organization.


AFP members who wish to apply for a salary loan must first make sure that they meet the minimum requirements set by AFPSLAI. Regular active members who have at least 3 months of continuous service are qualified to apply. They will need to submit several requirements such as proof of active service, valid IDs, proof of income, and more. Once all these requirements have been submitted, they can then proceed with their application form and post-dated checks.